"After Attentive, we’ve noticed a huge increase on the quantity and quality of data being updated on our HubSpot CRM. Today, around 90-95% of our data is in the right place, which has resulted in us closing more deals than previously”


Improve your data, close more deals

Slack + Attentive + Hubspot CRM

The perfect combination for your team, ensuring your pipeline is updating while reducing time and effort spent on administrative tasks.

Trust Your Data

An initial Data Audit uncovers all the issues your pipeline may have. Outdated deals, missing information, duplicated data, and even improvements that can be implemented, we put your process under the microscope to ensure we find everything that can be fixed.

Attentive adapts to your workflow, allowing you to create custom actions to fit your process - and keep it running smoothly.

Work Smarter

It is crucial to have everyone on your team on board, to ensure your process flows as smoothly as possible. By giving your team better tools to get things done, they’ll be free for what really matters: closing deals!


Get your sales team working more efficiently
Sales Operations
Ensure everyone follows your sales process, with minimum effort.
Sales Development Representatives
Update all your deals via Slack, and spend your time closing deals.