Real time insights for every business

Real time insights for every business

Attentive gives you actionable alerts about your leads, competitors, partners or investors on any CRM you use.

Get instant insights on your Hubspot or Salesforce contacts

Simply connect to your Salesforce account, and you'll see Attentive alerts straight away.

Create custom watchlists for any needs

You can get insights when a client gets investment, or when a competitor launches a new product.

Increase your sales activity

Attentive will untap new business opportunities and suggest people to meet.

Adapts to your habits

Attentive will learn about when to send you alerts and how many alerts to send over time

How does it work?

Attentive is a business tool that gives teams real time insights about their leads, clients or competitors like when they get investment, launched the new product or changed marketing director.

This allows them to close more deals and close them faster by having the right context for when they're ready to buy. We do this all effortlessly by integrating with Salesforce and Hubspot.

If you use any other software, we can also connect to it via our API!


Attentive is building an information assistant for every professional

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You can try Attentive for free for 15 days, and even after that you can cancel anytime.

If you want to use our insights engine for other purposes, we have a documented API that allows you to do that too.


$ 59 /month (billed annually)

  • Salesforce or Hubspot integration
  • 5custom lists of companies to track
  • 24/7Email support
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$ 99 /month (billed annually)

  • Unlimited integrations - connect your Salesforce Hubspot or any other CRM
  • Unlimitedcustom lists of companies to track
  • 24/7Email support
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  • Full access to our content engine
  • API integration with any other software you might use
  • Access to 2,000+Sources of information plus free company databases
  • 24/7Email support
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