Improve your data, close more deals

CRM Performance Audit

Look at your sales team. They're all busy, trying to make that call or send a decisive email to close the latest deal. But exactly how well is your team doing?

With Attentive's Data Audit feature, you can get a close-up on your data. Is everything up to date? How many stale deals do you have? Is your pipeline inaccurate and generating erroneous reports?

Make sure you are using your CRM to its full potential, and quickly get back on track with your deals.

Task Planning and Execution

We know. As a sales rep, the last thing you want to do is spend (more) time with administrative tasks.

What if you could do more of those tasks with less time? Update your deals on the go, without even opening the CRM.

Plus, Attentive helps you prioritize tasks so that your effort is always channeled to the most impactful deals. A personal to-do list, adjusted to your team's workflow, that enables you to plan and execute your next move.

Monitor Sales Activity

Making data input easier, combined with an intuitive dashboard, allows you to quickly access all the information you need, knowing it is always up to date.

Check how your team is performing (how many actions they closed and how many are pending) and how your pipeline is doing.

Better data equals more accurate reports, allowing you to make the best-informed decisions.

Update your CRM on the go

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