Slack Communication: Slack-it for Your Sales Team!

Slack Communication: Slack-it for Your Sales Team!

Slack is increasingly becoming “the” communication tool for teams across all industries worldwide. Sales teams are no exception, with all ranks and teams sharing this awesome tool.

So, if everyone is using it, why not take advantage of that and bring all the tools you can to Slack?

There are plenty of Slack integrations available – thousands, and growing by the day. From our beloved giphy to bots that remind you to be humble every day, we are all used to these add-ons. Some of them we love, others we hate, but they’re a big part of our Slack lives already.

If your team is not on Slack yet, go ahead and do it – force them if you must. They’ll thank you later. We’ll wait.

Cue elevator music.

Why are we so excited about Slack (and its add-ons for that matter) anyway? Well, for starters it is the end of a ton of emails cluttering our inboxes. This, by itself, is already a major reason, but to be able to have 1-to-1 and group conversations, contained in your own workspace,  searched and archived it’s awesome. We can leave emails for really important stuff (plus all the newsletters you’ve subscribed over the years, which reminds me of something – have you subscribed to Attentive’s yet?).

Besides that, you can create any threads (channels) you want, so you can separate different subjects/projects, as well as allow people to have channels for personal conversations.

By choosing Slack as “the” communication tool for your team, in just a few weeks of using it, it will easily become the main app on their desktop computers at work and on their smartphones… well, everywhere. This gives you a remarkable opportunity to streamline your processes and use Slack to boost productivity and efficiency.

At Attentive, we wanted to “free” sales teams from CRMs. Updating CRMs is a time-consuming (and boring) job for sales reps – which most of the time don’t see any value in it. At the same time, an updated pipeline is crucial for sales ops and managers, for an accurate overview of the business and what interventions are needed to improve it. So, if sales reps don’t enter good data (or any data at all), the lives of sales ops gets harder, improvements aren’t made… and it’s a snowball effect.

We wanted to solve this problem for everyone in sales teams. Attentive allows you to update your CRM without even opening it. And with our Slack integration, your team will probably not even notice they’re doing it.

Attentive Bot asks a few questions every day and the answers ensure all data is collected for each deal, updating your CRM accordingly. An easier input method equals better quality data, which in turn results in an updated pipeline with great reports. Everyone wins, at a fraction of the time and effort.