Sales Pitch Development: Preparing A Winning Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch Development: Preparing A Winning Sales Pitch

Let’s be real – no matter how great your product is, not having a winning sales pitch can be the difference in it selling or not. Although a sales pitch is only part of your sales process, it can make or break the entire thing.

Your sales pitch is an imperative part of the game that you must master if you hope to establish and scale your business. But what makes a winning sales pitch? Here are the top four things to keep in mind when preparing a foolproof pitch:

Pitch less, engage more

Pitching your product shouldn’t be about delivering an endless monologue. The days of forcing your prospects to hear you list all the reasons why your offering is the best are gone. Pitching is about listening to your prospect, inviting conversation and understanding their specific problems. You have to understand who your potential buyer is so you can tailor an ideal solution for each individual. Drop the idea of selling a standardized “one-size-fits-all” fix!

Establish empathy with your prospect before you work on selling. Ask questions and carefully listen to the answers. Understand what they do, what they lack, what they need. Bottom line is, if you want to sell, you must first connect.

Get creative with storytelling

Don’t underestimate the power of creativity in sales. Telling the story of your brand will get prospects to engage with you. A big part of connecting with your buyers is making them care about your brand. Creating a great narrative will definitely get you there! But slow down – we’re not talking about dragons and fairies. It should be a captivating story but made of facts and not fiction.

Remember what brought you here, why you decided the world needs what you’re offering. Was it something you saw? Was it something you felt on a personal level? Take these events and use them to your advantage when building the sales pitch. Chances are, prospects will identify with at least one part of this journey and connect with you on a personal level.

Present a solution

Your potential customers don’t care about how proud you are of your product or service. If you waste their time presenting every single feature available, you can wave the sale goodbye. By now you should know what prospects care about, and newsflash! – it’s not your product.

The time you spent listening to their problems all comes down to a crucial moment. Your pitch is about presenting prospects with the perfect solution to their problems. What can you solve for them in particular? How are you making their life easier? Shift the focus from your product to their needs, and why you’re the ideal choice to meet them.

Show some evidence

If you really want to drive the point home, provide evidence. Even when you’re offering someone the perfect solution for their problems on a silver platter, you have to back it up. Make sure to include solid facts and statistics in your pitch to enhance trustworthiness. Show your prospects testimonials and successful case studies involving your product or service (people love neat graphs and figures).

Proving to potential buyers that what you’re selling actually works is the last, crucial step to close the deal.

What are you waiting for? Get selling!