SEO Traffic Generation: Why SEO (Still) Matters

SEO Traffic Generation: Why SEO (Still) Matters

The world of SEO traffic generation has always been confusing and fickle but it remains the key to organic traffic generation. It’s no secret search engines continuously update their algorithms. Marketers everywhere are waking up in the middle of the night with thoughts of jumping keywords and page rankings.

SEO demands long hours of work, and producing content alone is a handful. Since search engines started giving precedence to quality, it’s fair to wonder whether SEO still matters. The answer is yes – it’s still incredibly relevant.

SEO Is The Main Driver Of Traffic

SEO remains the main vehicle through which people access your website. Organic search results are vital for your marketing efforts. How much time and work you put into your SEO strategy can be the decisive factor between harnessing traffic and being relegated to the ends of the Web.

According to MarketDrive, over 80% of marketers say the influence of SEO is increasing, and this number doesn’t show signs of slowing down. While there are more than a few ways to drive traffic, SEO traffic generation is still the most relevant and effective. Underestimating the importance of SEO can be your downfall, and not just on page rankings.

Dependence On Web Searches Is Growing

More and more, customers trust web searches to provide them with relevant information before making a purchase. Google searches alone amount to 3.5 billion a day. Moz adds that 15% of users do at least one search a day, and that’s just in the US. How likely is it that some of these searches can be linked to your company, product or service? Very. The best way to ensure your website shows up with a good ranking on search engines is to get your SEO done right.

Your Content Needs SEO To Be Visible

Search engines now reward quality content, yes. Longer and more relevant pieces with extra depth, that do a better job addressing a topic are rewarded with higher rankings. After all, search engines want to provide users with the best results for their searches.

However, don’t be fooled by this. While the best content gets the prize, it doesn’t mean SEO should be ignored. These wholesome pieces you’ve produced need SEO to be visible. You can’t expect people to randomly stumble upon your website based on praiseworthy content alone!

SEO Traffic Generation Overpowers Paid

Believe it or not, organic search results harness more website traffic than their paid counterpart. It’s not rocket science – people give more credit to results with the highest rankings because search engine standards are high when it comes to quality content. And that’s exactly what people want.

A recent study found organic results are a whopping 8.5 times more prone to be clicked on that paid. Investing in your SEO strategy may take a little extra time, but it can save you some money and finally attract the traffic you’ve been hoping for.