Sharing great news today: Investment Round and Product Hunt

Sharing great news today: Investment Round and Product Hunt

It has been quite a ride, here at Attentive. We know we’ve been quiet lately, but we have a good (great!) excuse. Today, we’re announcing our latest investment seed round, with a total of $1.2M, led by Mangrove Capital and Indico Capital Partners. It is an exciting time to be part of this team.

But that’s not all. We have even bigger news: we’re launching on Product Hunt today! Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard on Attentive’s best version so far. Your proactive sales assistant, directly on Slack, that allows sales teams to update HubSpot CRM without even opening it.

We’ve developed this new version of Attentive with the latest features of Slack. We want Attentive to be where salespeople are. And everyone is on Slack today, why not take advantage of it? 1/3 of salespeople’s time is spent on administrative tasks. One of those tasks is updating the CRM, a time-consuming and usually complex routine, that Attentive wants to ease.

Every day, Attentive has a Daily Brief ready for you. It includes your tasks for the day and to-dos, as well as actions to complete. These actions ensure your pipeline is always updated – no missing information or forgotten deals.

On Slack, you can create deals on the go, edit them right away, and share them with your teammates. Just ask Attentive.

Isn’t it awesome? That’s why we’re launching on Product Hunt today: because we’re proud of Attentive and want the world to know it! Plus, we want sales teams to use it, to see for themselves the true power of Attentive.

Let’s do this!

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