Sales Management: A Proactive Approach

Sales Management: A Proactive Approach

There’s power in being proactive, especially when it comes to sales management. Growing competition within the sales world means only those who invest in consistent self-education manage to stay one step ahead of the game. A reactive sales strategy usually translated into bad news in the long run.

Reactive sales managers spend a big chunk of their precious time putting out fires that could have been prevented in the first place. The key to successful management of your sales team lies in predicting potential problems and dealing with them before they have the chance to happen. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be psychic! Rather think about it as a predictive management style, focusing on several key points:

Focus on liability

Having prior knowledge of what the most common setbacks are, and sharing them with your team, ensures sales reps avoid them. Most importantly, if these problems do occur, they know how to solve them and to be accountable for the outcome. Remember that you’re here to lead, and to set your team up for success – not to do everything for them.

Keep a close eye on the team

We don’t need to preach you on the importance of knowing what’s happening inside your team. However, there’s a delicate balance between slacking off and becoming overbearing. Meet regularly with your entire team, as well as with each individual member, to identify potential issues and give them the tools needed to achieve their full potential.

Guidance is key

As a manager, you know sales. Take all the expertise you gathered in the field, and pass them on to your team, is a must. It’s ok to feel uneasy or lost, especially if you’re relatively new to the hectic sales world. Help out your reps and share your hard-won wisdom with them – remember, knowledge is power!

Take notes of everything

Selling can be a losing game at times. But it also feels pretty great when you win. As a sales manager, you should sit down with your reps and let them tell you all about their wins and losses. Sharing these stories with the rest of the team paves the way for educational moments, such as the best ways to tackle certain problems, and coming up with fresh new strategies.

Take advantage of sales management technology

One of the main reasons sales has become increasingly complex is technology. Those who want to stay one step further regularly educate themselves on this matter, and learn how to leverage it to their own advantage.

Take a good look at how you’re currently managing your sales team. There’s always room to be more proactive! Fine tune your accountability system, guide your reps, know what’s happening, and never stop educating yourself. In the era of a technology explosion, sales managers can greatly benefit from tools like Attentivea proactive assistant in itself that ensures every rep updates their deals, providing you with quality data, A+ reports, and an overall happier sales team. Using technology that takes away your team’s pain points, and simultaneously provides you a better overview of what’s happening, gives proactive a whole new meaning!