Attentive Vs. Troops

Attentive Vs. Troops

As far as Sales Assistance goes, Attentive and Troops are two key players to keep in your sales radar.

The SaaS market is blossoming with companies who have brilliant, innovative ideas and are willing to monetizing them. However, similar ideas can be conceived by different people and that’s the beauty of competition.

As part of that market, here at Attentive we try to keep an eye on our competitors, not only to see what’s new but also to learn from them. Let’s focus on the main features and differences between these two Sales Assistants.

What are they?

Attentive is a Proactive Sales Assistant for HubSpot and Salesforce, on Slack, enables sales teams to efficiently update their CRM.

Troops is a Salesforce Automation tool, that allows direct use from Slack and centralize key sales workflows.



Attentive developed a solution to help sales teams optimize their processes. It allows Sales teams to update their CRM directly on Slack, giving managers, directors, and VPs a single source of reliable data, empowering them and optimizing their process of decision making.

Attentive top features:

  • Integration with HubSpot and Salesforce
  • Daily brief on Slack, summarizing your tasks for the day and actions to complete
  • Proactive insights, showing useful information that can boost your team’s performance
  • Attentive Report, with key metrics that give you an overview of your business, as well as improvement suggestions
  • Create, Edit and Search deals on Slack


Troops workflows automatically handle routine sales management activities and process alignment so teams can devote more time to key coaching moments that help everyone grow. Comprehensive workflows with custom actions help sales teams update Salesforce directly from Slack.

Troops top features:

  • Build Salesforce workflows that alert reps on Slack to take action
  • Get Salesforce reports right from Slack on desktop and mobile.
  • Integration with Gmail and calendar
  • Customizable reports

So, how is Attentive different?

Attentive is your sales assistant, guiding your teams on what to do next on every deal, as well as helping with CRM data input, all on Slack. Attentive differs from troops in two key points:

1. Proactive

Troops is a reactive platform that is triggered upon request, while Attentive is a proactive sales assistant, delivering every day what your sales team needs to close more deals.

2. Start Using Immediately

It’s hard to have a sales process that ensures you get good data and is easy to follow by everyone. With Attentive, you can add custom properties as mandatory fields to every new deal, ensuring you get the most important information for your business, right from the start. Your team won’t need on boarding or training: they’ll simply see a question on Slack – they know the answer to – and can answer directly on Slack.

In a nutshell, Attentive focus on the “health” of your CRM, ensuring that your pipeline is always up-to-date.