Trade Missions: Before SaaStr ’19

Trade Missions: Before SaaStr ’19

Hi everyone! Daniel, our CEO, is heading to Paris to attend SaaStr Europa. Our goal is to network with fellow SaaS companies and understand their current Sales challenges.

It’s always exciting to attend such a big event, even if you’re not actually promoting your product there. However, there must be a good prep work for when the clock strikes “time to SaaStr”. Here are some steps that helped us to prepare for this year’s SaaStr!

#1 Planning

When we were told that our CEO would be attending SaaStr we laid out a plan concerning 3 main questions. What are our goals with this event? How can we allocate the resources we have to work towards these goals? And lastly, how much time do we have?

There are always costs involved in traveling somewhere else to attend an event. So, before even laying out a plan, it’s important to keep in mind how much ROI the event will bring.

That return doesn’t have to be material. Most of the times Lead Generation is the aim of companies during Trade Events.

#2 Background Research

Even if you’re only going as an attendee it is super important that you check for companies that are going to the event as well.

Apart from the official website, which gives you the list of formal attendees you can be creative and search on Twitter, Quora and other social forums to see who is going and make an in-depth study of each company.

The idea here is to make a good assessment of the companies that will be heading to the event and check if they are a match with your company and worthy of a meeting.

#3 Schedule Meetings

After we’ve come up with our plan and made an assessment of the companies, it was time to schedule the actual meetings.

Spoiler alert! This can be a tad boring for the person in charge of scheduling the meetings. It’s never really that easy to find the right person to talk to.

However, after a few days of phone calls and email exchanges we were able to schedule meetings with a variety of interesting companies who use the platforms we currently integrate with (Slack, Hubspot CRM, and Salesforce).

#4 Confirm the Meetings

Scheduling the meeting is important but it’s vital to send an e-mail to each contact one or two days before. A “friendly reminder” of the meeting, stating the day, time and venue (usually the booth the meeting will be held on) is always useful.

#5 Perks

There needs to be a perk, a little something that you can give people in order to make them remember your company. You can let your creativity go wild and come up with the most intricate perks. Anyone – it doesn’t matter their age or position in the executive hierarchy – loves a good perk!

It might seem too much work but Trade Events are a great opportunity for networking. LinkedIn has become the new normal nowadays but when it comes to networking with like-minded business people, Trade Events are a good and fast way to connect and generate leads.

If you happen to be attending SaaStr Europa do not hesitate to contact us. At Attentive we’re all about networking!

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