Trade Missions: After SaaStr ’19

Trade Missions: After SaaStr ’19

SaaS companies all around the world have been preparing and waiting for SaaStr Europe and in a blink of an eye, it’s already gone! On his way back, Daniel, our CEO, tells us what happened at SaaStr this year.

For starters, it was bigger, compared to last year. The venue was vast and, besides the sponsors, there was a wide range of companies attending the event.

More than scheduling meetings to network and exchange experiences, this year the Sales vein was latent. Sponsors were fully concentrated in directing their efforts to talk more specifically to potential clients.

At this edition, the real network happened at the coffee shops. Attendees ended up meeting each other there and engaging in conversations about the SaaS world and their products.

The talks were a big highlight to the event. Each panel brought together important names of the industry, answering big questions and proposing meaningful debates.

As we did before, after assessing the event we’ll give you a few tips as to how to retain the leads you collect throughout the event.

#1 Define Your Strategy

The leads you get from Trade Events are usually very qualified and can easily become potential clients. Thus, it is extremely important to have a well-defined strategy to deal with them once you’re back at the office.

One of the big advantages of collecting leads through Trade Events is that you’re not cold reaching anymore. The very fact that both of you went to the same event and spoke a bit is your chance to create rapport.

#2 Update Your CRM

All the leads you collected during the event surely gave you their business cards. This information must be logged into your CRM as soon as you get back. From a Sales perspective, it’s essential that you have a database with your leads. Most of all, it needs to be extremely reliable and up to date.

Salespeople sometimes feel that this task takes up a lot of their time. If you’re one of them, we’ve got you covered. Attentive allows you to create deals and tasks on Slack with a few simple commands, turning this into an easy and quick task.

#3 Start Your Cadence

Draw a cadence using different social media channels to engage with these leads. You already have their e-mail and phone number but be creative and go beyond it.

Most of them have a LinkedIn profile, so go ahead and connect with them (remember to always write a connection note saying who you are and where you met).

Medium and Twitter are also important channels where you can reach these leads or – if not them, their companies. Just make sure they remember who you are and how interested they were in your product when you first met.

#4 Be Resilient

Once you’ve been through all of this steps you just need to do one more thing: keep going.

Having a defined cadence will help you along the way. Updating your CRM regularly will provide you accurate data and dictate how well your following process is going so far.

Don’t take “No” for an answer when you know that a company can benefit from your product. Be creative, reach them through different channels. Call, tweet, e-mail… the list is endless.

Sometimes these events end up telling you more about yourself than about the market you’re trying to sell to. It’ll show you how resilient and prepared you are to deal with the challenges of selling in the SaaS industry.