Meet Attentive, your all-new Salesforce assistant on Slack

Attentive with your Salesforce and Slack

Meet Attentive, your all-new Salesforce assistant on Slack

 Slack has evolved considerably in the last few months as a platform, and Attentive always strived to be in the forefront of Slack’s capabilities: We were one of the first companies in the world to implement Block Kit components when they were launched and continue to bring the “assistant” experience to every sales floor.

The latest Slack improvements are a fundamental step up from the user experience’s standpoint. We have a commitment to our customers to deliver it – and this means being focused on one CRM, instead of two. 

As we learned more about each customers way of working, we saw some limitations in having to fit each new feature into two very different CRMs. More than two products, CRMs are different workflows, different mindsets. If we want to reach our goal, we need to focus on one mindset, and adapt to it. 

With this in mind, we have decided to solely focus on Salesforce CRM for our Attentive integration.

There is a fantastic opportunity right now – bridging Salesforce, the single source of truth for companies, and Slack, the communication tool that sales reps love.

We’re big fans of automation. It can improve your productivity considerably, if – and only if –  it is well setup and constantly maintained. If it isn’t, it ends up being more cleanup work that added productivity.

How can we deliver help sales teams have much more visibility on their sales activity, without this setup and maintenance work?

We follow your Salesforce permissions and configurations – this means that there’s no risk of issues of someone seeing data they don’t have access to or add any information to Salesforce that doesn’t comply with your sales workflow.

Our commands List, Search, Create, Edit are plug-n-play, no configuration needed: After you create an account on Attentive and connect your SFDC and Slack, you can start getting information straight away using our built-in, conversational commands.

You can get started right now, no credit card needed.

The whole Attentive team is very proud and excited about this new experience we’re delivering to our customers. We want to thank them for their trust, and you have our firm commitment that we’ll continue to evolve our offering to make your daily sales work more productive, fun and successful.

Excited? Get started now!