Improve your data, close more deals

Update Your HubSpot CRM directly on Slack

The sales world is hectic. Attentive is your sales assistant, directly on Slack, that allows you to create deals, check their status and create tasks without even opening HubSpot CRM. Simple, easy, one Slack message away.

Catarina Correia | Beta-i

"After Attentive, we’ve noticed a huge increase on the quantity and quality of data being updated on our HubSpot CRM. Today, around 90-95% of our data is in the right place, which has resulted in us closing more deals than previously”

Proactive Insights

Attentive knows your pipeline inside out. While you focus on your daily tasks, Attentive scans your activity and deals, to find useful information and help you close more deals. Your sales assistant let's you know what deal can impact your performance the most, what's the best moment to get back on a stale deal, and any information that can give you a competitive edge. Without leaving Slack, without you having to worry about it.

What's next?

Get ahead of the game. Don't let your deals grow old. Attentive makes sure your deals always have a task planned, so that no deal gets stale. Use Slack to create tasks, such as call or email reminders for each deal, without even opening your CRM. Attentive will remind you when the task is due - and maybe even suggest the next move you may take!


Get your sales team working more efficiently
Sales Operations
Ensure everyone follows your sales process, with minimum effort.
Sales Development Representatives
Update all your deals via Slack, and spend your time closing deals.