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With Attentive, the only thing that sales teams will care about is building the right relationships and adding value to their potential customers.
As the engine behind the sales data, we will have the most important asset thatis now locked inside a CRM. This is allow us to have a pivotal place in the sales and marketing stack.

Sales will not be automated, it will be augmented.

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Founder / CEO
Daniel Araújo

Daniel worked at Google for almost 5 years as an Analyst in the Branding Sector, where he studied internet trends and consumer behavior.

Founder / cto
Pedro Araújo

With 10 years of web development experience, Pedro has specialized in Python and Django. He worked with several companies in Telco, Health and Web Development.

founder / coo
Luís Braga

Luís specialized in Natural Language Processing during his academic years and worked in several startups as a developer since.

Lead Developer
Rui Silva

Rui has done more freelance projects that he can count - he became incredibly adaptable as a developer and always aware of the new technologies being released.

head of growth
Francisco Lé

After finishing his BA in Business, Francisco work for several years in the high-end design industry, focused primarily on Digital Marketing and Sales. He has been developing growth strategies for brands since then, and joined Attentive in November 2016.

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