Let’s make sales great again

A business major, a techie brother and the call to do something of their own, this was the formula that led to the birth of Attentive.


Daniel always knew he was going to create his own business, the only question was when and what kind. After a few years working for Google, between Dublin and London, the what started to appear: how to use the huge amount of information available to empower sales reps.


Pedro brought the technical skills and Luis came along to help as well. A few months into the project, they decided to quit their jobs and devote themselves to Attentive.


There was clearly an opportunity to develop a tool that could enhance the CRM, that could remove a lot of the barriers sales reps encounter. The road of a startup is always bumpy, and Attentive’s was too. It took a while to understand what kind of solution the market really needed, to get the product “from a nice-to-have to a must-have”. Along the way came mentors, a trip to Boulder to join Techstars and a lot of will to learn and absorb knowledge.


The team has since grown and adapted to a demanding (yet amazing) market, aiming to be #1 when it comes to making sales teams reach their full potential.

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