Now we are looking for:

  • Data Analyst

    We're looking for a Data Analyst. Someone who can help us gather and process large amounts of data, as well as extract value for our users. This position will be crucial for the company, since data processing is assuming more and more of an essential role in Attentive’s development.

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  • Product Specialist

    Attentive is looking for a Product Specialist This person will also be responsible for managing the roadmap for other internal tools to support key business initiatives.

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  • SaaS Sales Specialist

    We are an early stage SaaS company based in Portugal and USA. After being in Techstars Boulder in 2017, and having raised Seed investment we are looking for driven team members to help us scale and amplify our global vision.

    The team is looking for a SaaS that will focus on closing deals, working with Marketing on qualifying prospects and manage their own quota.

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  • DevOps Engineer

    We are looking for a DevOps Engineer who is motivated to develop and maintain our microservices architecture. This position will be crucial in keeping our Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery pipeline working properly. The responsibilities will also encompass making this architecture future proof.

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  • Full Stack Developer

    We are looking for a Fullstack Developer who is motivated to tackle the problems of creating and scaling a multi-service SASS product based on open-source technologies.

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