We're an early stage SaaS company based in Portugal and the US. After participating in Techstars Boulder 2017 and having raised Seed investment, we're now looking for driven team members to help us scale and amplify our global vision.

  • Identify key points in the infrastructure to collect data
  • Gather and shape data to enable processing
  • Interpret results and infer next steps
  • Communicate internally and externally about the insights
Skills And Qualifications
  • Experience in using large datasets to produce customer insights
  • Ability to analyze existing tools and databases and provide recommendations for data gathering
  • Write code and libraries that can be used for data audit
  • Knowledge of querying languages (SQL)
  • Proficiency with graph/chart libraries
Valued technologies
  • Python or equivalent scripting languages
  • Knowledge of structured and unstructured data storage (Postgresql, MongoDB, InfluxDB)
  • Knowledge of data processing libraries and tools like Panda or NumPy, D3, Metabase, etc