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Any CRM Integration

Attentive gives you instant insights into anyCRM you use

Dynamic lists

Attentive can detect new companies on your CRM and follow them automatically

Connect your calendar

Don't worry about last-minute research before a meeting, Attentive will automatically provide you with the latest data in real-time in preparation for meetings in your calendar

Pick your triggers

Choose the subject of the news you want

Intelligent Actions

Attentive gives you smart actions - like moving a deal forward to your pipeline

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Increase the quality of your database

Let Attentive make your prospecting work


Stop doing all your sales work manually

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Manage your watchlists

Frequency that fits your schedule

Pick the frequency of your insights and make it more productive for you

Manage companies easily

If you want remove or add new companies, you can do it under a minute

Insights that fit your tools

Choose where you want to receive the alerts: Slack, Email or any other tool you prefer

AI powered

Attentive will become more intelligent overtime as it learns your habits

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