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Enter the world of augmented sales

Attentive helps you have a scalable sales process with only 1 minute a day.
This way you’ll have the most accurate picture of your sales pipeline at all times.

pipeline metrics

With Attentive no deal will fall through the cracks:
You will always have a sales pipeline overview that is 100% up to date.

sell more, faster

You will know what is your sales bottleneck at all times: Wether it is getting more leads, increasing conversion or decreasing your average sales cycle.


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Your CRM will be always updated

Everyday, everyone on your sales team will have a set of tasks that take 1-2 minutes to complete.

Likelihood of success 

Know always the right time to close and increase your success rate

Pipeline Help

Attentive will tell you when to move your deals, so your pipeline will neve be stale again

Instant Changes

Move your deals at your pipeline and see the changes instantly

Slack Connection

Get all your actions in your Slack Account

Stop doing all your sales work manually

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Check your Post Sales Deals instantly

You can always know how much money are you making instantly.

Recurring revenue deals

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