The best data you can get

You want to make the best decisions for your company. However, that task sometimes becomes extraordinarily hard, due to poor quality data. Attentive scans your deals for gaps, ensuring sales reps fill in all the important fields. When you know you can trust your data, reports become extra useful to make the best decisions for your business.

Always be on top

Your company is already on Slack, so why not use it to get the latest updates on deals? With Attentive, you can search for specific deals and get immediate information on it. Even better, you can share that information with anyone on your team, by simply tagging them. Feedback with context, one Slack message away.

Happy workers, happy leaders

Let's face it, the sales world is a jungle. Competition, hard clients, more noes than yeses. Sales reps spend 1/3 of their time on administrative tasks - when they could (and want to) be selling! Giving them tools that take away major pain points, such as updating the CRM, you get not only better data quality but most of all you'll be making your team's life easier and less painful. If sales reps are happy and more productive, your deals will skyrocket.