Here to help

Every day, Attentive gets your Daily Brief ready for you. Have a quick look at your tasks for the day - as well as yesterday's achievements - and kick off the day on a positive and energized note! Attentive also asks you for missing information, to ensure your pipeline is always up to date, without even leaving Slack.

Create deals on the go

A simple line on Slack will do the trick. Just type the deal name and Attentive takes care of it for you. You can edit the deal right away or we'll ask you for information later. Don't worry with opening your CRM when a quick conversation with Attentive is all it takes.

Quickly find (and share) deal information

When you need information on a deal, you need it right away. Since Attentive uses all the awesome benefits of Slack, your deals are easy to search wherever you are.

Need to share that data with someone on your team? Just tag them and start a conversation immediately.