Find and share deal information

When you need information on a deal, you need it right away. Since Attentive uses all the awesome benefits of Slack, your deals are easy to search wherever you are.

This way, you can give feedback to your team, as well as check how specific deals are going.

Reduce the number of stale deals

Attentive's next step action ensures all deals have a future task. Whether it's a call, a meeting or simply something to remember, having the next step means having deals under control.

Attentive is here for you

The proactive sales assistant ensures everyone fills is important information by asking them every day for what would otherwise become data gaps. Attentive is on-call so that managers can be free to come up with efficient plans, quality training for their teams and many more tasks.

Better quality data will also make any board pleased, getting reports your entire company can finally trust.